Best of YI Magazine: Yoga for Health (Spring 2016)

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Brand Yoga International

Yoga International is back in print!

We are partnered with OneSource’s Content division to produce annual themed editions of Yoga International. This second issue, "Yoga for Health" features a variety of articles neatly organized within the following topics:

1) Calming the mind: looking at how your brain reacts to a regular yoga and meditation practice and how those suffering from depression and trauma can benefit from yoga.

2) Mending the Body: Detox tips, alignment cues and practices to ease pain and promote relaxation throughout the body.

3) Healing from Within: Examining kidney, skin, thyroid and heart health as well as the holistic approach to ADHD 

4) Relieving Pain: Featuring 6 ways to decrease chronic pain, how to avoid and treat headaches, and one woman's story about the power of yoga & healing the pain of Fibromyalgia

5) Natural Solutions: Covering the topics of homeopathic remedies, the glory of the neti pot, breast health, indigestion, allergies, dental health, insomnia, blood pressure, skin care and metabolism.

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