• YI Reprint Series: Inversions
  • YI Reprint Series: Inversions
  • YI Reprint Series: Inversions
Yoga International

YI Reprint Series: Inversions

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The Yoga International Reprint Series are 10 paper journals of essays by master teachers relating to a certain theme or scope of practice ranging from 15-25 pages each. These are out-of-print issues from our archives—only a limited stock remains! FREE shipping in the USA and special low rates on international orders.

Contents of this Issue 

  • Yoga International Reprint Series: Inversions
  • "But I Can't Do the Headstand: Laying the Groundwork" by Sandra Anderson
  • "Turning the World Upside Down: How to Master the Headstand" by Sandra Anderson
  • "Building Strength: Poses for an Upper Body Workout" by Sandra Anderson
  • "Nurture Your Creativity: The Subtle Power of Shoulderstand" by Sandra Anderson