• The Hunter Satchel
  • The Hunter Satchel
  • The Hunter Satchel
  • The Hunter Satchel
  • The Hunter Satchel
  • The Hunter Satchel
  • The Hunter Satchel
  • The Hunter Satchel
Peg and Awl

The Hunter Satchel

$ 139.11

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Product Description

It is said in the army when preparing for a mission, “bring only what you need.” In the world of exploration, “bring only what you need.” And again in setting out to scale a mountain “bring only what you need.”

Our Hunter Satchel is reminiscent of the satchels of colonial days – carried by the likes of George Washington, of the Possibles Bag from Mountain Men traversing the American frontier in the early 1880s, and of the military map cases strapped to the backs of soldiers who fought bravely in WWII. Each bag was designed to simply carry the essential items of their time and circumstance. Constructed from wax canvas, leather from WWII gunslings and vintage fabric from the late 1800s, our Hunter Satchel continues this legacy for our day. Whether it be a journal, pens, pencils and a few snacks for a walk in the woods, or a wallet, keys and phone for a night excursion on the city streets, the Hunter Satchel is perfectly sized to bring only what you need.

Constructed waxed canvas originated in the sailing industry in Scotland in the 1920s and became widely used in sportswear and apparel because of its waterproofing abilities and superb durability.


  • Waxed canvas
  • Body measures 12" tall (30.5cm) by 10.5" (26.67cm) wide by 2.75" (7cm) deep
  • Leather strap and clasp from well-worn WWII gunslings
  • Strap measures 6.5" (16.5cm) wide by 6" (15.2cm) tall
  • 1 interior pocket with vintage fabric pocket lining varies from bag to bag
  • Interior pocket meaures 6.5" (16.5cm) wide by 6" (15.2cm) tall
  • Brass rivets and button studs
  • Minimally packaged with a letterpressed tag and string