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Strong and Steady Mala Necklace

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Brand Bright Star and Buffalo

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Product Description

This "arrow head" mala is strong and steady. Wearing it stimulated the Manipura Chakra (solar plexus) and the energies of independence, happiness, vitality and knowledge of true purpose. The "piercing" quality of the arrow opens us to our highest potential in these domains.

This mala is made from quartz crystal. Each bead is wire worked/wrapped by hand with recycled brass wire. There are 36 beads (an even division of 108). Our "arrow head" is hand forged from conflict free sheet brass (each arrow is one of a kind).

*5% of each Strong and Steady Mala is donated to Poses for Paws (a charity co founded by yogini Kathryn Budig) as a way to repay the love that animals bring into our lives. Poses for Paws raises money through yoga to donate to shelters and organizations who thrive to provide a loving life to those less fortunate.