• Sri Yantra Necklace with Herkimer Diamond
  • Sri Yantra Necklace with Herkimer Diamond
Raw Elements Jewelry

Sri Yantra Necklace with Herkimer Diamond

$ 199.00

Beautifully handcrafted  Sterling Silver Sri Yantra necklace by Rachel Dropp of Raw Elements Jewelry.

The geometric pattern was inspired by the sacred geometric symbol Sri Yantra. The original symbol is comprised of 9 interlocking Triangles. The Sri Yantra is from the yogic tradition and is the visual representation of the OM. This pendant depicts the outer triangles of the Sri Yantra Symbol. The original symbol has five triangles pointing downward that represent the feminine energies of the universe – “Shakti”. The four triangles pointing upward represent the masculine energies of the universe – “Shiva”. The Sri Yantra symbol is used by the yogis in meditation to gain insight into the nature of existence.

Dangling in the center of this pendant is a gorgeous Herkimer Diamond. Herkimers are a variety of Quartz found in and around Herkimer, New York. They can be used to aid in one’s spiritual path.


The geometric circle Sri Yantra medallion is 1-7/8″ W by 1-7/8″ L.
The Herkimer Diamond is between 9-10mm in diameter and 16-18mm in length.
Length 29".

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