• Himalayan Salt Crystal Planet Lamp
  • Himalayan Salt Crystal Planet Lamp
  • Himalayan Salt Crystal Planet Lamp
  • Himalayan Salt Crystal Planet Lamp
Aloha Bay

Himalayan Salt Crystal Planet Lamp

$ 65.00

The Magic & Prana of Himalayan Salt

Why is the air fresher and filled with more prana at a waterfall, the beach, on mountain tops, and after a thunderstorm? Because of powerful negative ions. Salt Lamps are made from real salt crystals from an ancient ocean bed, so they are naturally anti-microbial and resist the growth of mold and bacteria. Salt is naturally hygroscopic, which means, it naturally attracts moisture. The interaction of humid air with the surface of a salt crystal releases Negative Ions. Many medical studies in Europe have shown such health benefits and provide relief from hay fever, asthma and allergy relief, improvement with sinus related illnesses, migraines and reduce susceptibility to colds and flu. Negative ions can enhance the immune system, increase mental alertness and concentration, purify indoor air and control odors, plus many additional reported health benefits.

When light (and heat) shines through the lamp, even more negative ions are emitted to work like a natural air purifier that neutralizes allergens, dust, pollen, mold, fungus, pet dander and odors. This is known to be very beneficial for respiratory health. Salt lamps also minimize the effect of positive ions from electromagnetic fields, electronic devices, and even difficult people or circumstances. This energetic effect is why you might be used to seeing lamps in yoga studios, reiki or massages sessions, and at the side of other holistic health practitioners.

Product Specifications

These lamps produce a soothing warm orange glow to create an attractive and refreshing ambiance for any room. For maximum benefits, leave your salt lamp on as much as possible! For this reason, these lamps make perfect nightlights and the replacement bulbs are very inexpensive. Each lamp is mounted on a wooden base and comes with a UL/CSA approved wire assembly, which includes a 15-watt bulb. 

  • Dimensions: 6 inch sphere
  • Light: UL-approved 110 volt light fixture, bulb and switch.

No two Himalayan Salt Lamps or natural Himalayan Salt products will ever be the same. They naturally contain veins, cracks and striations that make each item individually unique. The colors range from almost pure white, to light orange, to at times a deep dark orange that is almost red. Weight and size will vary within product styles, and we only give approximations and averages. Due to these variances, we can not guarantee exact shape, size, or color. Follow this link to see why Aloha Bay's Himalayan salt products are the best quality available.

Salt lamps are made of pure Himalayan salt so please keep them dry to prevent degrading. Salt naturally absorb some moisture from the air so to help care for your lamp it is best to leave it turned on as long as possible, the heat prevents the lamp from absorbing too much moisture. This is especially useful on hot/humid days.

Experts Say...

Natural salt crystal has been credited with a range of curative power, from air purification to migraine relief to protection against illness. Mined in the foothills of the Himalayas, where they have absorbed mineral elements that enrich them and imbue different colors, salt crystal lamps release healing negative ions into the air when turned on. Like the energizing negative ions released in the natural settings of mountains, waterfalls, or beaches, those emitted by these lamps increases oxygen flow to the brain, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost daytime energy. These ions also naturally counteract the effects of the electromagnetic waves we are bombarded with from appliances and electronics. Salt crystal lamps have also proved to protect against airborne germs and can reduce the symptoms of allergies, sinus problems, “brain fog,” and insomnia. While the use of geometric shaped lamps concentrate energy in specific ways, all Himalayan salt can be used to enhance any atmosphere and in personal practices of meditation, concentration, relaxation, and healing.

—Adapted from Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps: For Healing, Harmony, and Purification by Clémence Lefèvre