• Radhe Mala Necklace
  • Radhe Mala Necklace
  • Radhe Mala Necklace
Bali Malas

Radhe Mala Necklace

$ 108.00

Honor your practice with this beautiful and elegant mala necklace! 

Extremely delicate Rudrani beads alternating with Fresh Water Pearls. Pearls are known to symbolize purity and stimulate the mind in clarity and wisdom. Pearls enchance personal integrity and help to focus attention. Awaken the Shakti! The small Rudrani beads have similar properties to Rudraksha, but are known for representing the ability to manifest Shakti, the active and dynamic energy of the divine female power. Wearing Rudrani and Rudraksha together helps to harmonize the energies of male/female relationships, as well as the feminine and masculine within the individual. 216 beads. 

Bali Malas are handmade in Bali by Aum Rudraksha Designs, offering pristine, sustainably harvested, fair trade Rudraksha and Rudrani seeds.

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