Peaceful Mama Mala

$ 108.00

Brand Mama Malas

Serpentine, Unakite

The Peaceful Mama Mala encourages you to focus inward on the bliss that resides within by encouraging a deeper meditative and spiritual practice.

Serpentine encourages spiritual exploration and aids in meditation while opening the crown chakra. It is said to open new pathways for Kundalini energy, while directing healing energy to where it is most needed. Unakite balances your emotions while helping to release any blockages that may be holding you back from spiritual growth.

Length (top to bottom): Approx. 14.5"

Please keep in mind that just like you, every stone is unique. Although you will receive a mala with the same stones as the ones pictured, due to the beautiful variances of nature, your stone will be completely one of a kind, and will not look exactly like any other.