Paper Snowflake Pendant Lamps

$ 69.95

Brand Roost

These Snowflake Pendant Lamps are a beautiful handmade lighting accessory for your home and the holidays. Each three dimensional snowflake is made from a very thick white paper, each piece is then die cut and folded with hands to form a lovely snowflake in 3D.

Each snowflake pendant lamps includes a 12 foot cord with standard plug-in cord and a 25 watt bulb. This pendant lamp is available in three different designs.

This lamp is for inside use only, it is the perfect holiday decoration and can be a very appropriate gift. It is a snow white color.

• (1)  18" Dia x 5¾" D

• (2)  24½" Dia x 8¼" D

• (3)  23" Dia x 7¼" D