• Nomad Cork Yoga Mat
  • Nomad Cork Yoga Mat
  • Nomad Cork Yoga Mat
  • Nomad Cork Yoga Mat
  • Nomad Cork Yoga Mat

Nomad Cork Yoga Mat

$ 99.00

$ 89.00

The Nomad Cork Yoga Mat merges the signature cork surface with all the comforts of foam. Lightweight yet durable, this yoga mat has the versatility to follow you wherever your practice may take you. The newly developed ultra-thin, foldable layer of cork to give you all of its benefits without limits to how tightly your mat can be rolled.

Use: Dry to medium perspiration. For heavy perspiration we recommend Yoloha's original cork yoga mat

Top side: High-quality, eco-friendly cork provides a non-slip surface. Cork is naturally antimicrobial and contains zero PVC’s or harmful chemicals.

Bottom side: After years of research, we developed a unique type of closed-cell, slip-resistant foam, which upholds our eco-conscious values - 100% recyclable, and free of PVC, plasticizers and latex.


  • Non-Slip Grip with dry to medium perspiration. 
  • Lightweight & portable. Weight is just 2.5 lbs.
  • Ready to go right out of the box, no break in period.
  • Superior cushioning is the ideal balance of comfort and support.
  • Closed-cell, latex-free foam prevents moisture or bacteria from absorbing into the mat.
  • Anti-microbial cork surface naturally kills bacteria and germs.
  • Be kind to your body, no PVC's or harsh chemicals used.
  • Mat is 100% recyclable.
  • Comes with a natural hemp rope strap.

About the Mind of the Universe design: Numerous cultures throughout history have alluded to the existence of a third eye, hidden within the depths of the human mind.  The eye is said to be a gateway to a higher consciousness through which the vibrations of the universe enter one’s mind.  This yoga mat was created to channel the energy of the universe through the chakras of the body.  It is up to the user to open the mind and resonate with the universe.

About the Chakras design: The seven chakras are the centers in our bodies through which energy flows.  The brilliance of the chakra colors symbolizes our physical, spiritual and emotional state.  Use this yoga mat to maintain your awareness of your body’s energy centers and keep your colors showing brightly.

About the Encompass design: Find your center with unique watercolor printed encompass cork yoga mat.  Beautifully hand designed by artist contest winner Kelby Holmes.  Using the latest printing technology, this body and environmentally kind print will not wear off or effect grip.

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