Monkey Mind Band

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Product Description

Calm your Monkey Mind

Designed for sleeping, travelling, and meditation, ARJUNA.AG's Monkey Mind band is the perfect way to enhance your relaxation. The Monkey Mind Band also enhances your skin’s tone and clarity, by reducing inflammation around the eyes and eliminating blemish-forming bacteria. Slip it on to rejuvenate mind and body.

Today’s urban environments expose us to many harsh and challenging elements. From air, noise, light and electro-pollution to new germs and bacteria to “information overload,” our minds and bodies are under constant assault. The Monkey Mind Band is designed to serve as a barrier against everyday toxins and noise, and invites you to make space for restoration and rest. 

Lustrous Silver Fabric

The 18%-by-weight pure silver-plated fabric is positively charged with silver ions that block electromagnetic radiation, reduce inflammation in the body and clarify the skin. Coated with a dense layer of pure silver ions, the Mask creates a conductive shield that reflects and neutralizes the damaging effects of artificial light and electro-pollution, in addition to eliminating infectious germ. Made in New York.


ARJUNA.AG is a luxury protective fashion company. Bringing together design, technology and spirituality, the unique silver-plated clothing and accessories protect against 21st century urban environmental challenges by fostering a sacred space for the mind, body and planet. Arjuna means 'white, bright or silver,' in Sanskrit. It is also the name of the main warrior prince in the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient spiritual text that teaches the path of sacred action. AG is the chemical symbol for silver.

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