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Gulkand and Amrus Scented Yoga Votives by Sundari

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Brand Sundari

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Balance self and surroundings with these contemporary interpretations of old-world aromas that blend natural essential oils in a soy-based wax. Contemplative style and simplicity for your practice space. 

Includes two 4 oz. votives. Approximately 16 hours of burning per votive.


Gulkand: Rose + Honey
The Gulkand scent has a floral base with a suggestion of sweetness. Rose oil is known to open the heart and reduce fire creating an atmosphere of balance. Gulkand is a traditional Indian recipe. This layering of fresh rose petals spun with a bit of honey and sugar matures for a month before adding a splash of milk to create a delectable bouquet of fragrance notes.

Amrus: Mango + Basil
The Amrus scent has a fruit base and an undertone of spice. The simple but delicious Indian dessert called Amrus inspires this scent. The treat consists of chilled mango pulp garnished with fresh basil fusing both sweet and peppery notes to generate a pleasing and multidimensional scent.