Flower of Life Cuff

$ 141.00

Brand Raw Elements Jewelry

This cuff is inspired by the Flower of Life Sacred Geometric Symbol. The Flower of Life can be found in every major religion in the world. It contains the patterns of creation as they emerged from the Great Void. Sacred Geometry is a vision expression of the connections life weaves through all living things. The Flower of Life is also the Mer-Ka-Ba, or the spiritual vehicle that totally surrounds you as part of your light body. Wear this cuff to enhance your Mer-Ka-Ba and allow you to connect your energies with other higher energies and spiritual beings in the upper layers and higher dimensions.

It was pierced then hammered, antiqued, polished and finished with a thin layer of wax (to preserve the patina) in Sonoma County. Stamped on the interior with an RE makers mark logo authenticating this cuff is made in the USA.

Cuff Dimensions: Small-Medium Cuff runs from end to end 6". Will fit average size wrists.

Handcrafted and designed in the USA by Rachel Dropp of Raw Elements Jewelry.