• Clavo Huasca Hydrosol
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Clavo Huasca Hydrosol

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Clavo Huasca means "clove vine" in the Quechua language because has a wonderful clove-like scent that imparts a rejuvenative effect on tired skin.

Key Benefits: Enhances Longevity  +  Helps Restore & Increase Sexual Vitality  +  Renews Body & Mind  +  Helps Regenerate Cells & Tissues  +  Anti-Aging

Ayurveda: Clavo huasca has powerful rasayanic tendencies, with a particular affinity to rejuvenating twak (skin), shukra and arthava dhatus (male and female reproductive systems), and nourishes ojas (vitality.) It performs pachana karma (improves digestion and settles an upset stomach) and pacifies Vata and Kapha through its warming and stimulating qualities.

Recommended UsageClose eyes and spray liberally on face, neck and any other area in need of refreshment and clarity. The Clavo Huasca Hydrosol is particularly suited for use as a facial toner for maturing skin; as an aftershave to impart a soft masculine scent; as a mouthwash or mouth spray; and to soak on a cotton ball and apply topically for teething and tooth pain. All hyrdosols have a variety of creative applications, such as: to calm or energize; to shift moods and attitudes; to add to the bath, neti pot, facial steams, enema solutions; spray in place of smudging to clear a room or office; use in place of hand sanitizer and to clean wounds; use during treatments across healing modalities; to cleanse crystals; add to cocktails, nut mylks, smoothies, elixirs, juices, water, or any beverage to increase the vibrational potency; to gently introduce botanical medicines to infants and pets; add to night creams and lotions to thin to the perfect consistency; spread anti-oxidant properties to lessen the impact and damage of sun exposure...

Ingredients: Steam distilled clavo huasca (Tynanthus panurensis) bark.

Qori Inti is the premier source for sustainable Amazonian botanical products. Their medicines are mindfully wild-crafted or sustainably cultivated using biodynamic techniques before being prepared using Ayurvedic principles in their Jungle Lab within days of harvesting. The fusion of Amazonian herbs and Ayurvedic formulation is completely unique to Qori Inti. As a result, their products emanate a palpable vibrancy, potency, and prana that you will feel immediately. Your purchase will help support Qori Inti's mission is to light the path to radiant health and build a better world through their outreach programs in Peru, such as: Qori Inti Dharma Projects to support entrepreneurship in the local community, The Amazonian Ayurveda & Manipura Indigenous health center, and The Yacumaman Ethnobotanical Center for Shamanic & Vedic Studies.

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