• Children's Multi Vitamin Mala
  • Children's Multi Vitamin Mala
  • Children's Multi Vitamin Mala
Bright Star and Buffalo

Children's Multi Vitamin Mala

$ 84.00

$ 60.00

This mala style necklace for children utilizes eight multi-cultural wisdom and wellness principles: Mantra, Mala, Mandala, Chakra, Love and color, essential oil and stone therapies.  There are 108 hand knotted (silk thread) natural crystal (protection and manifestation) beads, a circular pendant (cut from recycled pine wood) with a brightly colored lotus flower etched into it.  The seven petals of the lotus are representative of the seven chakras and their associated colors - this pendant acts as a mandala.  The pendant has "being of light and love" etched into it - this reminder rests against the heart and chest area and is the mantra chosen for this series.  The pendant is rubbed with pure organic rose essential oil (blended with organic shea butter).  The pendant is then finished with a rainbow silk tassel.  All metal components are made from sterling silver.  For the sake of ease for our little ones this mala necklace includes a clasp.  All paint is non toxic chalk paint (sealed with Marseilles wax - saponified tree oils).

*Ages 4+

Measurements:  21" long (24" with pendant) - 53.34 cm (60.96 cm)