About Us

Visualize unrolling a new yoga mat and reading an affirmative statement: “I am wonderfully made,” or “I am grateful.” Sense wrapping a cool stone mala around your wrist or wearing it close to your heart, knowing that you’ve helped support the artists who handcrafted it, and their communities. Think of surprising your friends and family (or simply treating yourself) to a one-of-a-kind, ethically sourced item that you won’t find on Amazon. Deliciously wonderful and totally heartfelt gifts and yoga products that each have a story. That offer something back to the world. These were the contemplations that led us to create the Yoga International boutique. If you’re looking for yoga props, meditation benches and cushions, organic clothing, and creative gift ideas (fine jewelry, singing bowls, cozy candles, and more), let our boutique serve as your first and last stop. And the best part- every purchase made goes toward what we refer to as "transformative commerce": the notion that ethical business models can create substantial change toward a better, healthier, happier world. So we hope you enjoy the yoga-inspired products we found from around the world, all made with the intention to aid your practice & the world of commerce.