Best of YI Magazine: Yoga Basics (Spring 2017)

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Brand Yoga International

Yoga International is back in print with bi-annual compilation issues of "The Best of Yoga International"

We are partnered with OneSource’s Content division to produce themed editions of Yoga International using the best articles from our editorial library. This third issue, "Yoga Basics" features a variety of articles neatly organized within the following topics:

1) What is Yoga? Learn from master teachers about yoga's purpose throughout history and present meaning.

2) Getting Started On The Mat: Everything you need to know about starting a home practice, strengthening your foundation, incorporating props, and critical breathing basics.

3) Meditation On The Cushion: Expert advice on how to train your brain, find a tranquil mind, create a mindful breath practice, and move deeper into stillness with sound.

4) Avoiding Injuries: Featuring guidance for better backbends, stronger headstands, help for the hamstrings, hip-healing asana, shoulder care, and more!

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