Crystal Point Light Box

$ 750.00 $ 690.00

Brand Roost

This extraordinary little lamp has big presence. A selection of quartz crystals sit on top of a frosted glass table set inside a solid brass case that is illuminated with high-quality white LED lights. The crystal's unique forms, trapped mineral colors, and natural inclusion patterns are all illuminated when the base it lit to create a powerful and one-of-a-kind form of light. The brass base is very sturdy and has a brass dimmer dial on the back. Even the cord is made of durable woven brown fabric, hearkening back to a time when design objects were made to last for lifetimes.

The fifteen crystals come loose for you to design your lamp however you want. The crystal point, approximately 1-4 inches high, are unique and high-grade pieces from Brazil and Madagascar--each one is treasure all to themselves! The Brass box base is 4¾" square and 3¼" high.