Breathe In Deity Candles

$ 39.95

Brand Rene Quenell

Breathe In the brainchild of René Quenell, Yoga teacher and studio owner in Sierra Madre, California. René is also a Certified Reiki Master and Structural Yoga Therapist.

The concept evolved from her love of essential oils and candles and her desire to explore avenues to incorporate them in her daily life and yoga practice as well. She also has a long-held interest in Deities and Mantras and wanted to create something special for devotional practices for her yoga students. And so Breathe In was born.

Each Deity is associated with a candle, and a fragrance that complements the energy expressed by the Deity. The candles are carefully poured and infused with Reiki energy. The packaging of the candles was designed to leave the smallest carbon footprint without compromising the presentation of the candle and its box, and only the finest ingredients are used in the manufacturing process. Their muted elegance and exquisite fragrance give Breathe In candles a unique look and make them an ideal gift for yogis and non-yogis alike.

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