Arrow dvAra Wall Hanging

$ 108.11

Brand Bright Star and Buffalo

These stunning wall hangings are called dvAra (Sanskrit for "doorway"). They are created with the Intention to remind, inspire and protect us. They are openings to our highest human/spiritual potential. They are closures to that which we wish to let go of, leave behind and release.

This wall hanging is called "Arrow" because it is about direction, strength, steadiness and piercing the layers of illusion (those that obscure the truth of our potential).

This piece is made from bronze, conflict free brass, and recycled silk sari yarn. It is "tea stained" (dipped in black tea) by hand for a subtle creamy brown ombre effect.

Hang this piece in a window, over or next to a doorway or as a centerpiece to a wall of other lovely reminders in your home, office or place of business.

Size: 19.5" wide x 15" long | 495 mm x 381 mm