Qori Inti Hydrosol Box Set

$ 125.00

Brand Qori Inti

Consecrate your personal hydrosols or give the gift of Qori Inti botanicals with this box set. There are two options when ordering, both of which include a the free box and over 15% off Qori Inti products:

  1. Complete Collection of Hydrosols - select this to get a box full of one of each Qori Inti hydrosol (Shaman's Aura Spray, Palo Santo, Vetivert, Copal, Clavo Huasca, & Cumaseba.) All these spray separately would cost $150. Save 10% with the box set option, plus a free box!
  2. Build Your Own Box - select this to get a free box when you checkout with 6 or more Qori Inti products of your choice. After your order, we will manually refund you 10% off the Qori Inti products purchased. While this box is designed to snugly fit the hydrosols, a few Qori Inti elixirs also fit nicely when mixed in with hydrosols.

Qori Inti is the premier source for sustainable Amazonian botanical products. Their medicines are mindfully wild-crafted or sustainably cultivated using biodynamic techniques before being prepared using Ayurvedic principles in their Jungle Lab within days of harvesting. The fusion of Amazonian herbs and Ayurvedic formulation is completely unique to Qori Inti. As a result, their products emanate a palpable vibrancy, potency, and prana that you will feel immediately. Your purchase will help support Qori Inti's mission is to light the path to radiant health and build a better world through their outreach programs in Peru, such as: Qori Inti Dharma Projects to support entrepreneurship in the local community, The Amazonian Ayurveda & Manipura Indigenous health center, and The Yacumaman Ethnobotanical Center for Shamanic & Vedic Studies.

~ prana from the jungle at your fingertips ~